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Own your own business at an affordable price with all equipment, training, marketing & ongoing support.

 About the Opportunity   

We all love the feeling when our car is looking its best however not everyone gets the opportunity to enjoy the feeling as they don’t have the time to clean it themselves! Grahams Car Cleaning Service offers customers a mobile car cleaning service and gives car lovers like you the opportunity to make your passion your career. You do not need to have qualifications to be successful with a Graham's Car Cleaning business.

Marketing Support

Grahams currently have a high brand awareness which has resulted in plentiful work for new and current franchisees. Graham’s Group Head Office provide you with the support you need to get your business running! We provide you with initial marketing and advertising support. Regular print and various online advertising campaigns are run. Some of our very many advertising include:

Google Adwords specific to the franchise area
 Multiple other online advertising and  organic listings
 Brochures, flyers and various other promotional marketing material
 Large social media following
 Gumtree advertising 

Income Guarantee Option

Graham’s offers a very generous income support guarantee program to qualifying new Franchisees.  The value of income support is determined by the level at which the new Franchisee joins the group. 

Why Do People Join Grahams?

 Plentiful Work
 Work When You Want 
 Income Guarantee 
(depending on Franchise level purchased)
 Payment of a flat monthly Franchise fee (no commissions charged & no lead fees charged)
 All cleaning equipment included
(depending on Franchise level purchased)
 Ongoing support & training 
 All marketing & advertising 
 All client leads are your own to keep
 Local supportive customer service team
 Create a bright & independent future

How It Works

The first step is to call us on 1300 134 035 or email us on where you will be hearing from our experienced Sales Manager directly. We are proud to offer a “no obligation” Franchise Information booklet, which outlines our business concept, history and future as well as our marketing commitment and franchise levels on offer. After an initial interview with our Sales Manager, the potential franchisee can request a trial day with an existing Franchisee to see what a normal day can be like, what kind of work is available and to ask relevant questions.From there, if you believe that Graham’s is the right choice for you, and we believe you are the right choice for Grahams, standard contracts and disclosure documents are signed and the new Franchisee is provided with a solid week – two weeks of training with one or more of our nominated Franchisee trainers.