Cleaning Tips

Vehicle maintenance doesn’t end after getting your oil changed and tyres rotated

Maintaining the interior and exterior of your car, truck, boat, caravan or SUV can have a big impact on its resale value.

In its lifetime, your vehicle will survive acid rain, snow, salt, brine, sludge, dirt, pollen, bugs, and much more. The most important factor in dealing with each of these dangers is time. The sooner you can wash damaging particles away from the exterior and interior of your vehicle, boat, caravan, bike, jetski or truck, the better your vehicle will fare in the long run. The condition of the exterior paint and interior fabrics can make a difference of thousands of dollars in subsequent valuations.

Here are some tips for keeping your vehicle in the best possible condition:

Rules of the Road: A minimum of one car wash per month, including interior and exterior cleaning, is suggested to maintain your vehicle’s current condition. This will eliminate unsightly brake dust that can damage your vehicle’s top coat and tyre rims; remove interior dirt and debris that can compromise leather and fabrics; and clean all dirt and grime off the exterior of the vehicle that can affect your protective paint. We also recommend an additional exterior cleaning after any weather events, bird droppings or bug accumulations, as these can damage your vehicle’s exterior long term.

 Sand can be a nuisance on both the inside and outside of your car, boat, caravan, SUV or truck. The longer sand sits, the more deeply embedded it can become in floor mats, carpets and fabrics. The best time to address sand is as soon as possible. Any Graham’s full service packages include a thorough vacuuming of the interior of the vehicle. This will also include cleaning the exterior and wheels to remove additional sand and debris from the outside of your vehicle. For extra benefit, add an under-body wash to remove any out-of-sight particles.

 The UV rays of the hot summer sun can fade and blemish your vehicle’s paint. To combat the sun as well as other environmental abrasives, we recommend a Full Service car wash including polish, sealer, and wax treatment.  The high quality waxes used by Graham’s are created to reduce surface adhesion, protect against harmful UV rays, and extend the life and luster of your vehicle.

Leaf Stains:
 Leaf stains can cause permanent damage to the exterior paint of your vehicle particularly when left for any length of time. When leaf stains appear, we recommend washing your car as soon as possible. Our products are industrial grade and created to be tough on stains, but gentle on the top coat. We also recommend our polish and sealer service after leaf stains to seal and protect the top coat.

Bugs and Birds:
 Bugs, bird droppings and other environmental abrasives cause an acidic reaction with your paint, much like leaf stains. This process normally begins in 24 to 48 hours after the bugs/bird droppings take up residence on your paint. To keep these from damaging your paint, we recommend getting your vehicle cleaned as soon as possible. If you travel around dawn, dusk, or through water areas, and have issues with bugs or bird droppings, we recommend our polish and sealer service at least once per month to prohibit potential permanent harm.

Salt and Brine:
 Salt and Brine are the two most widely used substances to keep roads safe during adverse weather conditions in some of our colder areas – e.g. Stanthorpe and some areas of Victoria and New South Wales. They do a good job of keeping our roads in better driving condition, however, they have corrosive properties that promote rust on metal parts. Our recommendation is a thorough exterior cleaning with an underbody wash. For the following month, we recommend an exterior cleaning as well as underbody wash any time there is rain or additional salt and brine conditions such as what occurs with beach and coastal driving.
Salt and brine may continue to stay on porous surfaces, like roads and driveways, for a while. This makes additional car cleaning important.

 What color is your car today? If it is “pollen yellow,” we recommend that you call us now for a full service and wash including exterior and interior cleaning. Pollen can get inside your vehicle, including your vents, reducing efficiencies of systems like your air conditioning unit. Pollen can also cause discoloration and promote deterioration of leather and fabrics. 

It is our goal that we leave you as a happy customer every time you use our services.

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