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Let’s say it straight: driving around in a dusty or muddy car is embarrassing. For every minute you spend on the road, your car is your image, and having a dirty image can pull you down as well. You don’t want to be the single car in your neighbourhood or in your company’s parking lot that looks like it hasn’t been washed in months.

And there’s only so much a hose and a bucket of soap can do. At some point, the brand-new car look will wear down, and the only thing that can make your car shine again is the touch of a professional. Finding the right car cleaning Brisbane experts can be difficult; how do you know who to trust? But with Graham’s Car Cleaning—Brisbane’s #1 car cleaners & detailers—you have nothing to worry about. Here’s why you should call us today and put your car in our hands. 

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What a Professional Car Cleaner Can Do 


The most obvious benefit of hiring a professional car cleaner is our expertise. There are some things you just don’t pick up until you’ve done it a hundred or a thousand times. With over twenty years of experience in cleaning and detailing cars, we’ve seen and done it all. We have been the top car cleaning Brisbane solution for two decades now and can give you the service that has made us the best in the business. 

Saving Your Time 

When you don’t have the right tools or the right knowledge, cleaning your car yourself can be exhausting and time-consuming. And in the busy world that we live in today, can you really afford to spend an entire day working on your car, without the guarantee that you will actually accomplish that professional shine that you’re looking for?

Save your time. Let the professionals do it right the first time. Graham’s Expert car cleaning Brisbane services are here for the people who value their time.

The Right Equipment

You might be able to wash off grime and dust with a hose and sponge, but there is so much more to properly cleaning and detailing a car than that. If you want your car to experience the professional treatment, then you need the professional tools and the right equipment.

Going out to buy them at a store for one-time use would cost you so much more (and take up much more time) than hiring professionals who already have the equipment on hand.

Advice and Tips

What makes Graham’s Car Cleaning the best car cleaning Brisbane can offer is not only our quality, speed, and value with every wash: it’s also our personal touch. Our branches are independently owned by local franchise owners. This means they know your area, your location, and in most cases, the cleaner who works on your car will be the owner of their Graham’s franchise.

With this personal touch, we are more than happy to answer whatever professional car cleaning questions you may have. Don’t just hire a car cleaner; hire someone who can make it worth your while, and tell you how to better take care of your car.

Stunning Output 

Last but not least, we care about our output. Every member of Graham’s Car Cleaning team has been trained at the highest levels. Every representative of our team is capable of giving you that fine, detailed finish that you don’t see anywhere other than magazines and showrooms. Let us wipe away the years of wear and tear that you no longer notice on your car, and we’ll show you just how stunning your car can be.

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Prices and Services

Wondering about our prices and services? At Graham’s Car Cleaning, we offer the best pricing options available. You will never be overpaying for your wash, as every price is set for your vehicle’s specific size category. Take a look at our services and prices below:

Vehicle Size A Vehicle Size B Vehicle Size C
Bronze Service Car Groom $37 $42 $51
Silver Service Car Groom $51 $56 $64
Gold Service Car Groom $70 $76 $86
Platinum Service Interior Car Groom $102 $112 $122
Platinum Service Exterior Car Groom $122 $132 $142
Platinum Upgrade Car Groom – Interior & Exterior $122 $132 $142
Platinum Plus Car Groom $225 $265 $305
Shampoo Treatment $96 $106 $116
Cut and Polish Treatment $200 $240 $270
Cut and Seal Treatment $260 $280 $300

 Graham’s Car Cleaning: Mobile Service Today

Professional car cleaning Brisbane services has never been easier and more affordable than today. Give us a call, tell us about your car and what you need, and we will set an appointment and come over right away. Don’t take your car to the wash; let the wash come to you.

Contact us at Graham’s Car Cleaning today!

5 Reasons Graham’s Car Cleaning Is The Best Car Cleaning Company In Brisbane

Professional Car Cleaning Service

5 Reasons Graham’s Car Cleaning Is The Best Car Cleaning Company In Brisbane

The car you drive represents who you are on the road, and while you can’t guarantee to have the fastest and most expensive car on the market, you can guarantee that your car is as clean as it can be. Regular washing is essential towards making sure your car stays gorgeous year after year.

Neglecting to wash your car can lead to wear and tear, and your brand-new car will turn to a duller version of itself in a much shorter time than you anticipated. And remember: a car is an investment. Don’t just go at it with a hose and sponge; give it the professional treatment that only experienced hands can provide.

At Graham’s Car Cleaning, we offer the most professional car cleaning Brisbane has ever seen. Here are 5 reasons Graham’s Car Cleaning is the best car cleaning company in Brisbane:

1) Price

The amazing thing about our service at Graham’s is that we provide all our quality services at the best prices. You get the most value out of your dollar, because we’ve designed a pricing structure that makes sure you never overpay for your wash. We have four size categories, ranging from small sedans to trucks and boats, and each category carries its own prices.

Here’s a short chart detailing our prices:

Vehicle Size A Vehicle Size B Vehicle Size C
Bronze Service Car Groom $37 $42 $51
Silver Service Car Groom $51 $56 $64
Gold Service Car Groom $70 $76 $86
Platinum Service Interior Car Groom $102 $112 $122
Platinum Service Exterior Car Groom $122 $132 $142
Platinum Upgrade Car Groom – Interior & Exterior $122 $132 $142
Platinum Plus Car Groom $225 $265 $305
Shampoo Treatment $96 $106 $116
Cut and Polish Treatment $200 $240 $270


2) Diverse Range of Services

The most important service we offer is our mobility. With Graham’s, professional car cleaning Brisbane services are just a call away. We come to you—just sit back and enjoy the show.

As can be seen in our pricing chart above, we do much more than what you can or a neighbour can do with a hose and sponge. As professionals in the car washing industry, we take our craft very seriously: we understand all the needs and concerns of our customers and can provide a full range of services that allow us to tackle each and every situation.

No matter what size or shape your vehicle is, we can handle it. We take in small sedans, motorbikes, family sedans, SUVs, vans, small trucks, boats, caravans, and more. For most vehicles, we can provide all of our services: interior and exterior cleaning, a general car groom: vacuuming, everything wiped down, everything hand-polished, cleaned, washed, and more. We also offer interior chemical treatment that takes out all the tough spots in your carpets and seats, and cut and polish treatment that fixes up the scratches and oxidized paint surface.

Simply put, we are your one-stop car cleaning shop.

Professional Mobile Car Cleaner


3) Promptness 

Some people are wary when it comes to contacting mobile businesses, as they are afraid that it might take a long time to get a visit or even a simple reply. But with Graham’s Car Cleaning, we understand the feeling of waiting with an unwashed car—it’s terrible.

We never make our customers wait, and can guarantee immediate promptness with every call and request. Just call us today to see for yourself—not only do we provide the best value for your dollar, but we also do it without making you wait.


4) Quality

Amateurs treat their jobs one project at a time, doing the bare minimum to get paid before moving onto the next. At Graham’s Car Cleaning, we pride ourselves on being the most reliable car cleaning Brisbane professionals when it comes to getting the job done right.

As experts in this industry, we place a huge amount of pride in each and every project. Our reputation and your satisfaction are our top two priorities, and with great service of unmatched quality, we can hit two birds with one stone.

Professional Car Interior Clean Brisbane 

5) 100% Local 

Speaking of reputation, the great thing about Graham’s Car Cleaning is that we’re not a nation-wide or even multi-national giant corporation, where a single bad review means nothing to us. Each Graham’s Car Cleaning branch is operated by local franchise owners. This means that not only can you expect the service and quality of an operation that has been outfitted with the professional training and tools of the highest standard, but you can also expect the team to treat your car with the care and precision of a local business.

We take an immense pride in knowing that every representative of Graham’s Car Cleaning is local to their area. Your area’s specific needs will be understood and met, and you will never have a problem communicating or getting along with your car cleaning Brisbane professionals.

Car Tyre Professional Car Cleaners

Have Your Car Cleaned Today

What are you waiting for? Your car won’t clean itself, and it’s about time you’ve had a professional go at it so you can see your car’s real potential.

Contact us today, and we will get back to you right away.

Mobile Car Cleaning Brisbane – Why It Is Better For You And Your Car


Every so often, sometime more often than we like, we look at our car and think, “man, you need a wash!” However; how often would you find yourself thinking that but not getting the chance to actually do it, until several days or weeks later. Mobile Car Cleaning is fast becoming more and more popular for individuals and businesses alike. Here’s why.


They Come To You

Brisbane Mobile Car Cleaning services come to you. They can clean your car while you are at work, at home, or anywhere. There is no need to waste time sitting at a car wash or finding the time to do it yourself. Mobile car cleaning makes it easy and stress free, knowing you can book anytime and come back to a car that looks brand new.

Quality Service Every Time

Unlike drive-through or manual car washes, mobile car cleaners are trained professionals, knowing exactly the right products and cleaning techniques that will leave your car sparkling and clean. Graham’s Car Cleaning Brisbane has been offering quality and affordable car cleaning services for over 20 years. So you can rest assured your care is in good hands.


Got A Truck Or Caravan, No Problem

Here at Graham’s Mobile Car Cleaning Brisbane, we don’t just wash and clean private and commercial cars, we also service a wide range of vehicles including trucks, boats, caravans and motorbikes. So whether you have a fleet of trucks or a personal yacht, we can clean them all.

grahams_garden_car_mobile_car_cleaning_brisbane_clean_truck_fleet.jpg grahams_garden_car_mobile_car_cleaning_brisbane_clean_van_fleet.jpg

No Dodgy Business

Would you trust a robot to drive your car? Don’t trust just anyone to look after your car, Graham’s Car Cleaners are a dedicated team of people focused on providing the highest quality of care possible for your car. Washed and polished by hand with the utmost care, you can feel confident that you won’t find paintwork scratches or damage like you may from a drive-through car wash. Plus, if you are not 100% happy with the service provided we will arrange for it to be re-groomed FREE of charge!


It’s Not Just What’s On The Outside That Counts

Mobile Car Cleaning services don’t just clean the outside, they can also clean your car’s interior. Graham’s Mobile Car Cleaning Brisbane also offer upholstery cleaning and conditioning, as well as paintwork scratch and fading touch-ups and treatments. There’s no better way to give your car the ultimate treatment and care it needs to ensure you get a long life out of your vehicle.


Book a mobile car cleaning Brisbane service today! Contact us at Graham’s Car Cleaning Brisbane on 1300 134 035.

Car Cleaning Brisbane: Tips To Keep Your Car Looking Immaculate!


Whether it is a company car, leisure car or your daily commuter, you’ll know that there is nothing like a clean car to make the journey for you and your passengers enjoyable. That’s why we’ve come up with some great car cleaning Brisbane tips to help keep your car looking immaculate.

1. Seat Covers

Seat covers are great for protecting the physical chairs that aren’t so easy to replace. Investing in quality seat covers, if possible waterproof styles such as canvas or leather, can protect your seats from spills, dirt, damage and odours. They can easily be changed, cleaned and a lot cheaper to replace than your entire chair. Visit your local Brisbane car store to explore the latest car seat cover styles available.

2. Car Rubbish Bins

If you are one of those people who eat on the go, setting up a bin in your car could really help you out when it comes to simplifying your car cleaning routine. A bin could be as simple as a plastic bag hung behind you or a small container on the passenger’s side. Just make sure you get into the habit of emptying it immediately when full.


3. On-the-go Car Cleaning Kit

No matter where you go, you never know when something may arise unexpectedly, thus it is always a good idea to have a kit in your car filled with handy essentials. Aeroguard for those outdoor adventures, an umbrella for the wet ones, spare clothes for those late ones and what about your car? For your car to look after you, it needs a little TLC (tender loving care). Rags, water and even window cleaning wipes are great to have on hand if you ever need to check your oil, clean up spills/messes or simply top up you windscreen cleaner. Some car cleaning and general essentials can include:

  • Aeroguard
  • Sunscreen
  • Umbrella/raincoat
  • Change of clothes
  • Water
  • Rags
  • Toilet Paper/paper towels
  • Window Wipes
  • Emergency First Aid Kit
  • Light & Batteries

4. Car Organisers

Parents with young children will know the struggle of toys and other child related items being strewn around the place. If you find you have a lot of “stuff” just floating around your car that you need regularly, then car organisers are a great option for you. Hung neatly behind seats, car organisers can act as mini storage facilities whilst clever pouches allow for portable media players for passengers. Head to your nearest Brisbane car store to find all car cleaning and organising essentials.

5. Car Boot Eskies & Containers

All sorts of things will pass through the boot of your car, whether it’s groceries, sports gear, work equipment, etc. To protect your car’s interior from damage, large eskies and portable storage containers are handy to hold all those items during transit and, if need, keep them cold. These methods prevent not only damage to your car but also to the items themselves as they aren’t tumbling about.


6. Floor Mats

Similar to seat covers, floor mats protect your floors. In the main cabin, in the tray of Utes and boots, floor mats prevents damage from objects and equipment, whilst making car cleaning easy. There are so many different styles available on the market for all tastes and budgets.

grahams_car_cleaning_brisbane_boot_mat grahams_car_cleaning_brisbane_floor_mat

Don’t have time to clean your car inside and out? Graham’s Car Cleaning Brisbane cleaners come to you! We cater for all Brisbane car cleaning needs both domestic and commercially. Contact us today for a free quote!